Find It

Can we attain perfection for real? Why do we seek it? Does the journey to get it really suit you?

We fail at times to realize that we should seek happiness and joy. Consciously maintaining our peace of mind and doing what we believe is right is our key to joy.

Something said to me, “to rejoice and be happy and at peace is a choice”. It really is a choice. Circumstances may be heavy on you but consciously make effort for your mental health.

I believe happiness is a condition we bring upon ourselves. Make yourself happy. Don’t necessarily depend on people for it. Live a life that makes sense if turned to a story❤️.


Yes, it’s a great challenge.

Someone once told me, “I wonder how you can be this way”. It’s funny how people think they can predict how others turn out to be.

Trying to be yourself and still getting nowhere with it can cause a lot of confusion. The conflict is at the point where being yourself and being socially acceptable meet.

Still no matter how much you bend to suit those around, you’ll never get everyone’s approval. But sometimes you realize they are right, you have flaws and bad habits, and while trying to change you find yourself seeking more to please them than to become better.

How can we balance all this? Definitely, no one can cut off everyone. We all need relationships to survive. In every one of them we have to make adjustments.

How do we end up not being lost in the crowd while trying to fit in? How can we also follow our passion and not die in self deceit?

Is a lot to untangle. How easy can it be, so we don’t get ghosted and others don’t get fed up?

Looking Back

Memories… words unsaid and feelings bottled up. Ever wondered how you became so addicted to it all? Lost in thoughts sometimes I wonder what life is. There is hope I know, but it’s hard to hold on to.

Sometimes I wonder what leads us all to the turning points of our lives. Changes and experiences influence most of us.

Ever had such pain and disappointment that you feel lost? …Unseen and shut out. Confused and struggling. Can you relate with the feelings of being in the shadows?

It’s a free zone for me here. There’s been a lot of choking situations and dealings. Don’t know the right words but I can relate to every depressing situation, all that turmoil, the battles of the mind.

Can you?🙃